Hi, I’m Brad Irby

Senior Architect and MBA with a long history in .NET and Amazon Alexa

Helping small and large companies take advantage of voice response to manage their business.

I’ve been in the technology field my entire 30+ year career.  I cut my teeth in Enterprise development with General Electric, then took this experience to help startups hit the ground running when the Internet was first born.  I graduated from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business with an MBA in Entrepreneurship, and have extensive experience in designing system architectures and managing teams.

My specialty is building custom voice experiences to help management run their business more easily and efficiently.  Having worked with the financial and retail industries for 30 years, I know what KPI’s matter and can make these measurements more visible and easy to access.  I can help you get a better handle on where your business is and how to improve it.

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Will you sign an NDA?2021-02-15T22:35:48+00:00

Yes, once engaged, I will be glad to sign an NDA before seeing or receiving any private information. For the initial call, however, it makes little sense to get lawyers involved.

I’m nervous about sharing my business ideas.2021-02-15T22:34:58+00:00

There’s no need to be nervous. All information you share with me is kept in the strictest confidence. I’ve been consulting with companies for over a 30 years. If I had loose lips, I’d have gone out business years ago. I would also be glad to sign an NDA along with a signed proposal.

Can I decide what measurements are important to me?2021-11-18T12:34:36+00:00

Yes.  Though I understand how various industries work, your will have your own favorite KPIs you want to hear.  I can deliver any kind of indicator that you can measure.

Can you help me in any language?2021-11-18T12:32:24+00:00

Yes, Alexa understands many different languages and we can build applications in each one supported.  If you management team is split between the US and Europe, we can build a skill that speaks English, Spanish, Italian, or nearly any other language.